Hello World!

We’re here! We’ve finally made the leap into blogging, to coincide with our website launch! 2017 has set the path for 2018 to be a year full of growth, learning and big change for us at Nomadic Chicken. We thought that it would be wonderful to connect with you all and share this with you!


Introductions first. We are Mel and Sam (who is currently speaking at you) – mother and daughter – and we accidentally ended up in this ridiculous journey into small business ownership. What started out as an experiment on Etsy into making back a bit of the money we spend on fabric (undisclosed) by selling handmade baby accessories tumble-weeded into an expansion that now has us running two online stores, Nomadic Chicken and Nomadic Chicken Littles, and setting up to launch an online fabric store this year!

I am the main brain behind Nomadic Chicken. I’m interested in crafting handbags that don’t sacrifice beauty for function. Why can’t we have both? I started out working with leather accents, but have fallen in love with cork. Cork fabric comes from the cork oak tree bark and is a remarkable material! I like to play around with different textiles and have an infatuation with gold metal. I’ve also delved more into apparel sewing in the last year and just brought in some amazing fabric for kimonos and scarves for S/S18.

Mel heads up Nomadic Chicken Littles. Our little experiment into making baby accessories morphed into a love of working with knit materials and making adorable, itty bitty clothes. The Littles studio is full to the brim of unique euro-knits – high quality fabrics that are made in small batches by independent designers. When I go to work in her studio, I spend a lot of time petting her fabrics.

We both currently work in sewing studios set up in our homes. The dream is to amalgamate into one studio, preferably attached to our future brick-and-mortar fabric store/craft space. With a lot of hard work and a little luck, we’ll get there. For now, we balance full-time work with our big-little side hustle.

I’ll be back in a few days to show off some amazing new fabrics we just got in for Spring and Summer!


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