Spring is Coming… Right?


Sam from Nomadic Chicken here! I thought I’d talk a bit today about my spring sewing plans for Nomadic Chicken and show you some sneak peaks a the new designs I’m working on and the fabrics I’ve been sourcing for them.

When I’m designing, I love to play with both colour and texture. My biggest hurdle is narrowing down all the wonderful, colourful ideas in my head to a few great ideas that work together. I want you to be able to mix and match between our different lines, finding things that work well together, without necessarily “matching”. For spring this year, I’m keeping to a navy/denim/raspberry/rose colourway.

Raspberry, Navy, Rose, oh my!

Mixing up the patterns in Raspberry, Denim, Navy and Rose

Summer is going to bring yellows and earthy greens to the mix. I like how all these colours look with the dark brown and natural colour corks, which are my favourites to work with.



So much leafy, lemony goodness.

As you can see, I’m also really into florals and natural prints. I featured the lemon print a lot last summer, and it’s back for it’s second year because you guys just can’t get enough (me neither!). The monstera leaves are inspiring me to make some larger totes (maybe a beach tote?) and overnight bags. I have an overnight bag in my sewing plans for this spring, and I’ll share the finished product with you – I’m making one in Monstera Leaves and one in Lemons to test it out.

I’m also expanding the range of bag and wallet patterns on offer to suit as many tastes and situations as possible. Bags are not a one-size-fits-all! I even change the style of bag I prefer from season to season. In the winter, I want something larger that I can stuff my mitts in and that has enough weight to look good over a big coat. In the summer, I want something light and crossbody that doesn’t trap anymore heat against my skin than necessary and that keeps out of the way while I’m on the go. The change in bag sizes also means a change in wallet size, so there’s at least 4 patterns right there!

Let’s venture into the topic of clothing, now. I debuted a few kimonos last year at our craft markets, but they never made it to our Etsy Store. I just couldn’t find the fabrics I wanted to invest in to make up more than just samples. Last month, I took a day trip to Montreal with my friend Cass, and we hit up one of our wholesalers. In an hour, we had a whole line of kimono and scarf fabrics picked out in coordinating patterns and colours! I’m so excited to have the rest samples done up to show you guys – they’re going to be fabulous. Here’s a peak at what’s in store now:

Next time I post, I’ll introduce you to the bags and wallets offered in the Floral Denim colourway this spring and try to help you decide which style suits your lifestyle.


Until then!


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